Hammonton, NJ


WRT has developed a highly efficient, proprietary adsorptive media for the removal of strontium from water.  This process removes strontium by passing contaminated water through a fluidized bed of our proprietary natural adsorptive media in treatment columns—without adding chemicals, generating liquid waste, or wasting water.

We provide a complete solution, from process equipment and treatment media to the handling and transportation of spent media.

WRT’s Strontium Removal Solution

  • Reduction of strontium to non-detectable levels
  • No backwash or regeneration cycle required
  • Zero-liquid discharge system ensures that no liquid waste stream is generated
  • Pre-treatment for iron removal not required
  • Minimal maintenance and operation consists of routine monitoring and sampling
  • No handling or exchange of media or chemicals by utility staff
  • A complete package of services can be provided on a long-term contract basis