WRT’s SMR (Selective Metals Reduction) Process for the removal of chromium and other metals, is the most cost-effective and environmentally responsible choice you can make for removing chromium from drinking water and the community. This innovative process provides an affordable, operator friendly solution for removal of chromium 6. The SMR Process removes chromium by passing contaminated water through a fluidized bed of proprietary WRT SMR Media, which facilitates simultaneous reduction, oxidation, and precipitation. A final filtration step completes the treatment process. Solids from the filter are settled and thickened for solid waste disposal by WRT. We provide a complete solution, from process equipment to the handling and transportation of treatment residuals.

WRT’s SMR Process

  • Reduction of chromium 6 to comply with the California MCL of 10 ppb for regulatory compliance
  • No media exchanges or media regeneration process
  • No brine regeneration or brine waste generated
  • No liquid waste stream is generated from this treatment process
  • Minimal maintenance and operation compared to ion-exchange treatment processes
  • Treatment residuals meet TCLP disposal criteria and are handled by WRT
  • Complete package of services can be provided on a long-term contract basis