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WRT Celebrates Take Your Kid to Work Day

WRT held their annual Bring Your Kid to Work Day at their Westminster, CO location last Thursday.  The kids enjoyed a full day around the office and shop getting a glimpse of what their parents’ workday looks like and discovering possibilities for their own future careers. Take a look at the day’s fun activities… WRT_Celebrates_Bring_Your_Kid_to_Work_Day

Radium Treatment Plan Started For Two Wells

Featured in Jersey Shore Online / By Jennifer Peacock / April 8, 2019 / MANCHESTER – The township has awarded a 3-year contract of $370,560 to Water Treatment Technology, based in Westminster, Colorado, for radium removal at the Holly Oaks facility. Those wells on the township’s eastern side were shut down last summer. Well 8 had elevated levels of radium, and 7, near Well 8, was shut down after the most recent round of state testing. The Holly Oaks Treatment Facility was built back in the 1960s. “It was taken off line last year after slightly elevated radium levels. The well […]

First Look at Grand Island’s New Uranium Treatment System

WRT’s Z-92® Uranium Removal System in Operation in Grand Island Thursday, July 19, 2012 An explanation of Grand Island’s new $3 million water uranium treatment system sound surprisingly simple. “The water flows through the bottom and flows upwards and kind of suspends this bed of resin and the water’s treated and out it goes,” explains GI Utilities Director Tim Luchsinger during a tour of the new facility. Water Remediation Technologies (WRT), the Colorado company that will be monitoring and maintaining the system says there’s no hum of machinery because the artificial resin, also known at the treatment media, that the […]

Hillview Water Company cuts ribbon on $20 million treatment plant project

Z-92® uranium treatment system will deliver clean drinking water to 3,300 The Sierra Star It was more than 20 years ago when Hillview Water Company of Oakhurst first realized the water they were delivering its residential and businesses customers exceeded state allowable levels of iron, arsenic, uranium, and manganese. That started a long, uphill struggle for the company to not only improve the water’s quality, but also its quantity. Part of that solution is WRT’s Z-92® Uranium Removal Media, which will treat 1,200 gallons of water a minute, boosting Hillview’s water supply and helping to ensure clean, safe drinking water […]

5 Burning Questions on Uranium and Radium Removal

WRT provides guidance by addressing five key questions utilities should consider when choosing a system to remove uranium or radium Thursday, April 16, 2015 Water Online:  High levels of radionuclides (uranium/radium/etc.) in drinking water aren’t very common, but they are very dangerous. As carcinogens, these contaminants are strictly regulated by the U.S. EPA; every utility must monitor and provide adequate treatment in accordance with the federal rule, established in 1976 and revised in 2000. If you’ve long dealt with radionuclides, you’re familiar with the treatment requirements — but are you treating as cost effectively as possible? Or perhaps you’re new […]

GI Reluctant but Successful Pioneer in Uranium Removal

Grand Island is the first city to launch a project of this scale; city is happy with results By Steve White, Grand Island Bureau Chief / Nebraska.TV “We like to spend money like we like to see squirrels in transformers.” Who says utilities administrators like Tim Luchsinger have no sense of humor? And as much as the guys at the power plant hate seeing a critter cause a power outage, they don’t like spending millions to solve problems no one’s complaining about. In this case, the problem is uranium in Grand Island’s water. Luchsinger, the utilities director said, “I don’t […]

Illinois Town Contracts for Radium Removal

Water Remediation Technology LLC (WRT) has installed and put into operation two of the company’s Z-88® radium removal systems in the village of Antioch, IL. Under a 20-year contract, WRT is responsible for the environmentally safe handling, removal, and shipping of the spent treatment media from the treatment site to a licensed disposal facility, ensuring that the treatment waste isn’t reintroduced into the local environment. Prior to treatment, the radium concentration in the water from Antioch’s two wells averages 12.3 pCi/L, which is above the US Environmental Protection Agency’s maximum contaminant level for combined radium-226/228 of 5 pCi/L. One of […]

Zeolite-Based System Safely Removes Radium From Drinking Water

In 2000, the EPA revisited regulations and monitoring requirements for the presence of radionuclides in drinking water. While most radioactive materials that are present in water supplies are naturally occurring, over time they can present considerable human health risks when allowed to reach unsafe levels in drinking water. One such radionuclide is radium (specifically radium-226 and radium- 228), for which the EPA set the maximum contaminant level (MCL) at five picocuries per liter (pCi/L) in 1976. In 2000, the EPA re-confirmed this MCL and established regulations for monitoring of radium levels in public water systems, with a mandate for communities […]