Long-Term Service Agreements

Under our Long-Term Service Agreements, WRT provides a complete contaminant removal solution, from process equipment and radiation safety assurance to the handling and transportation of radioactive treatment residuals – all on a guaranteed cost per gallon treated basis.  Service agreements are typically 5 – 10-year terms, and include all of the services listed below.  WRT can provide an agreement tailored specifically to your project needs and length of service.

WRT Long Term Service Agreements provide the following:

  • Minimal Maintenance and Operation required by Utility staff, only routine sampling and monitoring
  • No handling of radioactive materials, media or chemicals by Utility personnel
  • Disposal of material to licensed low-level radioactive waste facilities by WRT
  • Handling of all treatment media
  • Installation and replacement of media
  • Provide Radioactive Materials License for system operation and media handling for the term of the contact
  • Safe transportation and disposal of media in a licensed facility
  • Operating analytical fees (analysis of samples required by WRT for operational monitoring)
  • Meeting the current MCL for radium or uranium
  • Maintain system during the period of your contract
  • Monthly charge, based on agreed minimum usage amount
  • Additional usage will be billed on a cost per 1,000 gallons treated basis
  • Charge will be adjusted annually, based upon the Consumer Price Index (CPI)
  • Term of contract is typically 5-10 years
  • Guaranteed process performance