WRT Celebrates Take Your Kid to Work Day

WRT held their annual Bring Your Kid to Work Day at their Westminster, CO location last Thursday.  The kids enjoyed a full day around the office and shop getting a glimpse of what their parents’ workday looks like and discovering possibilities for their own future careers. Take a look at the day’s fun activities… WRT_Celebrates_Bring_Your_Kid_to_Work_Day

WWEMA Corner – Just How Much is A Part Per Trillion? – by Ron Dollar, WRT SVP Sales & Marketing

As Federal MCLs are developed for PFAS, the more stringent limits seek to track the contaminant to the smallest particle which is not parts per million, or even parts per billion, but to less than 10 parts per trillion. To get an understanding of just how small one part per trillion really is, we first need to grasp the vast size of the cardinal number trillion.   May_2022-Just_how_much_is_a_part_per_trillion

WWEMA Window: The Aging Workforce And The Water Community — A CEO’s Perspective

The water industry is facing significant challenges in recruiting, training, and retaining employees. These challenges will only be exacerbated in the years to come, with roughly one-third of the water sector workforce eligible to retire in the next 10 years. Additionally, as the technologies that are used in the water sector become more advanced, there is a growing need to train and employ water industry specialists with particular technical skills and the knowledge to produce, operate, and maintain water systems. Mike Dimitriou, President and CEO of WRT presents a few simple ideas to help develop and implement strategies that will retain […]

Radium Treatment Plan Started For Two Wells

Featured in Jersey Shore Online / By Jennifer Peacock / April 8, 2019 / MANCHESTER – The township has awarded a 3-year contract of $370,560 to Water Treatment Technology, based in Westminster, Colorado, for radium removal at the Holly Oaks facility. Those wells on the township’s eastern side were shut down last summer. Well 8 had elevated levels of radium, and 7, near Well 8, was shut down after the most recent round of state testing. The Holly Oaks Treatment Facility was built back in the 1960s. “It was taken off line last year after slightly elevated radium levels. The well […]