Pilot Program – On-site Pilot Studies Demonstrate Effectiveness of Processes

Pilot tests conducted at facilities across the U.S. consistently show that WRT treatment processes successfully reduce radium or uranium in drinking water to well below the Maxiumum Contaminant Level (MCL). WRT can provide self-contained portable, free-standing pilot units or mobile, trailer-mounted units, depending on specific testing needs at each site. Services include unit delivery, setup and operating instruction. Upon completion of the pilot study, WRT will prepare a Pilot Study Report and a detailed cost proposal for a full-scale system. PilotProgram_2015

Portable Exchange System

The WRT Portable Exchange Systems are designed for radium or uranium removal applications from 5 to 100 gallons per minute. Z-88® Radium or Z-92® Uranium removal systems can be utilized in any new or existing potable water system. Water passes through treatment vessels where the contaminant is removed. When the treatment media is ready for replacement, the portable treatment vessels are removed from the circuit and replacement vessels are provided and installed on a cost per exchange basis. WRT disconnects the used vessels, installs the replacement vessels into the system, places it back into operation, and provides for the safe […]

Site Data Form

Use this form to tell us about your project, and then send it to us at info@wrtnet.com.  The information you provide will help us determine the most cost-effective, efficient and environmentally progressive solution to your problem. SiteDataForm_RadiumUranium_011915_Template

Water Supply and Quality Fact Sheet

The information presented in this report is compiled from sources including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, American Water Works Association, National Groundwater Association, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, U.S. Department of Energy, Argonne National Laboratory Environmental Assessment Division, Argonne National Library, and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. WaterSupplyQuality_2015

WRT Background

Water Remediation Technology, LLC is the only water treatment company in the United States to provide a total, long-term, environmentally sound solution for removing radioactive and other select contaminants from water sources. Specialized licensing enables the company to not only remove contaminants, but also safely dispose of spent radioactive treatment media in an environmentally responsible way. WRTBackground_2015

WRT Information Sheet

Complete contaminant removal solutions from a single source. WRT® designs, manufactures and provides cost-effective, patent-pending processes for the removal of radium, chromium, arsenic, ammonia, uranium, barium and other contaminants from water or waste water. Available on a cost-per-1,000 gallons treated, long-term contract basis, WRT’s full-package solutions represent the simplest and most effective processes/services in the industry for meeting regulatory compliance standards. WRT_Information_Sheet

WRT Radium Brochure

To help customers meet regulatory compliance standards, WRT designs, builds and provides processes for removing radium, chromium, arsenic, ammonia, uranium, barium and other contaminants from water or waste water. These patent-pending processes are the simplest, most effective and cost efficient available, utilizing proprietary treatment media mined, processed and formulated by WRT. What’s more, our long-term contract package of process/services includes equipment, media, exchange of media, and proper handling and disposal of used media. radium_broch

WRT’s Water Treatment Process

Much of the nation’s water supply has contaminants — either from naturally occurring or man-made sources. In either case, certain contaminants must be removed from the water to protect public health and meet regulatory guidelines. Once removed, safe and environmentally responsible disposal of the contaminants and treatment waste is essential. WRT’s proprietary water treatment process is unique in that it not only removes select contaminants from water using an absorptive media, it completes the process by disposing of radioactive treatment residuals in a licensed facility. As a result, contaminants do not re-enter the water supply or return to the community […]

New Technology For Radium Removal at the Village of Oswego

Located approximately 40 miles southwest of Chicago Experiencing rapid growth, current population 22,000 Water supply consists of eight deep sandstone wells Capacities of 850 to 1,200 gpm Radium levels range from 7 to 18 pCi/L No other treatment, only the addition of chlorine and polyphosphate Entered into a compliance agreement with IEPA ISAWWA_Conference_032205