WRT Wins Top Honors in the 2012 BlueTech Forum Water Technology “Showcase” Awards Competition

WRT wins the Go-to-Market Strategy Award

Ecolyse and WRT Win Top Honors in the 2012 BlueTech Forum Water Technology “Showcase” Awards Competition

At the 2012 BlueTech Forum in San Francisco, 14 innovative water technology companies from Canada, Australia, Denmark and the U.S. presented their technology, company value proposition, business plan, and go-to-market strategy. Water industry executives, leaders, utility managers, investors, and government officials attending the event voted for the technology they felt was most disruptive (Disrupt-o-Meter™ Award), as well as the company with the strongest business approach (Go-to-Market Strategy Award).

San Francisco, CA – The 2012 BlueTech Forum, the water industry’s premier conference on innovative water technologies, announced today the winners of the BlueTech® Showcase, a unique platform for companies from around the world that are active in areas that are hot-spots of innovation and opportunity to present disruptive water technologies and business strategies.

In this year’s competition, Ecolyse, a company that provides phage-based biocontrol products to remediate pipeline corrosion, reservoir souring and ethanol production disruption, won the Disrupt-o-Meter™ Award for the most disruptive technology.

“It was an honor to be among this group of exciting companies, much less be singled out for this award,” says James Y. Lancaster, Ecolyse CEO. “The Forum was a great platform to share what we are developing for the water industry.”

Water Remediation Technology (WRT), a premier water treatment company that provides a complete service to remove radionucleides from groundwater, won the Go-to-Market Strategy Award. “I was very pleased to receive this award. It’s amazing how much the water industry is changing in both technology and the approach to the market. I appreciate the efforts of O2 Environmental and BlueTech Research to bring all of these new and existing developments to the forefront in the BlueTech Forum,” explains Michael A. Dimitriou, WRT President.

“We congratulate these two companies who were voted winners from the shortlist of companies we had selected and invited to present at the BlueTech® Showcase,” explains Paul O’Callaghan, CEO of O2 Environmental and BlueTech Research, and Founder of the BlueTech Forum.

The BlueTech® Showcase gives water technology companies the opportunity to create awareness among potential strategic partners, identify additional market channels, raise marketplace profiles, and raise funds from venture capitalists attending the forum.

The themes chosen by O2 Environmental represent key areas of opportunity in the water sector and include:

1. Releasing Energy from Water
2. Removing the “Unremovable”
3. Biotechnology – The Next Frontier
4. Low Energy Advanced Desalination

Companies invited to participate in the 2012 BlueTech® Showcase were:

• MAR Systems – a clean water technology company with a patented proprietary absorbent media that removes dangerous, heavy metals and other trace contaminants from water streams
• Porifera Inc. – a company with a breakthrough, forward osmosis membrane for water treatment
• Atlantis Technologies – a game-changing, low-cost produced water desalination system based on the patented radial deionizing super capacitor technology platform (RDITM)
• Hydrovolts – revolutionary in-stream hydrokinetic turbines that generate renewable energy from water currents in irrigation canals
• MaxWest Environmental Systems, Inc. – an innovative technology that treats biosolids via gasification, reducing its mass by over 95% with an energy-neutral process, dramatically reducing land filling and fossil fuel consumption compared to alternative methods
• Bilexys (Brisbane) – is developing an alternative manufacturing platform for the production of chemicals and plastics involving bioelectrochemistry and the use of wastewater as the source of its raw materials
• Battelle Memorial Institute, Water Technology – focused on biotechnology as the next tech frontier for water treatment and on a proprietary process for removing phosphorous from wastewater under anaerobic conditions in the presence of light
• NORAM Engineering and Constructors Ltd. – a technology incubator that develops, engineers and commercializes technology for the process and resource industries
• Arbsource – uses biotechnology to transform wastewater treatment from a costly energy liability into a valuable resource for the food and beverage industry
• Aquaporin – a cleantech company dedicated to moving the frontier for water purification through the use of nano- and bio-technological techniques
• ABR Process Development – develops, adds value and commercializes improvements in industrial processes.

Known as THE industry event for water tech professionals interested in tracking innovation and opportunity in the water sector, the informative and dynamic BlueTech Forum provides game changing ideas for its high-level attendees, and addresses the development, financing and commercialization of innovative water technologies. The year’s event featured speakers with thought-provoking perspectives on industry issues, emerging markets, new technology solutions, water in the green building arena, and more.

Donna Vincent Roa, PhD, ABC, CSR-P
Managing Partner & Chief Strategist
Vincent Roa Group, LLC



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