RMD Operations, LLC Issued Radioactive Materials Licence for State of California

Arvada, CO – RMD Operations, LLC, a sister company to Water Remediation Technology, LLC (WRT), has been issued a Radioactive Materials License by the State of California for the storage, removal and handling of natural uranium from drinking water.

RMD Operations is the first company to obtain this license in California, a requirement for systems removing uranium from drinking water.

WRT provides cost-efficient processes for the removal of radium, uranium and other contaminants from water in conjunction with the safe disposal of the treatment residuals by RMD. The license format is an innovative multi-site approach that will apply to all of WRT/RMD’s water treatment operations in California.

No chemicals are added and no liquid waste is generated, the radioactive residuals will be transported to a licensed facility outside the State of California.

WRT’s complete solutions represent the simplest and most effective processes for meeting regulatory compliance. Available on a cost-per-gallons treated, long-term contract basis.

For more information, visit our website at www.wrtnet.com, or call us at (303) 424-5355.


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