Safe & Clean
No handling of any chemical or contaminants by the Utility staff.
No chemicals added to water
during the treatment process.

Minimal maintenance required;
every gallon of water entering
the system is treated so that
no water is wasted.

Effective & Responsible
Reduces contaminant levels
to below EPA limits.
Contaminants removed from
water and the community are
disposed at a licensed facility.

WRT offers the simplest, safest, most cost-effective and environmentally sound processes available for removing radium, uranium and other contaminants from water.

With over 175 full-scale systems currently in operation, WRT has the experience, resources, and capabilities to address your radioactive contaminant issue. Our total solutions represent the most efficient and environmentally progressive services in the industry for meeting regulatory compliance standards.

Installation of Z-88® Radium Removal Equipment—Brady, TX

WRTs capabilities include:

  • The manufacture and production of proprietary treatment media such as Z-88® and Z-92®
  • Design and manufacturing of treatment systems for 10 to 10,000 GPM
  • Long-term Media and Service Agreements on a guaranteed performance basis
  • Onsite services including media exchanges, the removal of treatment residuals, equipment service and system operations
  • Radioactive Materials Licensing, handling, disposal and radiation safety
  • Temporary onsite rental equipment and treatment services

In addition to radioactive contaminants and treatment residuals, WRT addresses many other contaminant removal and water quality issues.

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